Here’s what I’ve been working on tonight: an interactive LCARS OSX desktop! Please give it a full view. I’m pretty pleased with this as a first attempt. I uploaded two screenshots so you could see some of the variables change.

LCARS elements made in photoshop from scratch with the exception of the blueprints used. I used GeekTool so that shell scripts could display actual information on the desktop that updates in real time. This includes the stardate, system log, “WARP CORE CONTAINMENT” (system RAM usage), battery charge, time in HHMMSS format, and “NACELLE CAPACITY” (volume). All of the round buttons open a folder or an application. (For example, COMM opens Skype and SENSORS opens the Applications Folder.) I tried not to go too crazy with buttons, but the functionality is nice. I based it on the LCARS screens I’d seen on the Defiant, and wanted a sort of “ship overview.”

Let me know if anyone would be interested in knowing how to do this sort of thing! It was pretty time consuming figuring out, but I think the result is worth it.

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